The comic says it all. You guys have been such an incredible and supportive fanbase that I hate to do anything to lose you, and I know becoming irregular is a quick way to do that. This has been a long time in deliberation, and it would not be happening if I didn’t think it was best for everyone in the end.

I do this comic in the spare time I have outside of work, and I do little else. I don’t just mean stuff like having a social life – I mean having availability to do commissions or even setting up the goddamn store! Freeing myself up means I have the liberty of making art without succumbing to tricks in the face of a deadline, something I have been increasingly guilty of. I want to grow, and that means being flexible.

As the comic says, you can follow my tumblr to stay in touch with my more day-to-day creations. I’ve started it off with a glimpse into my first love – metalworking. Wanderlust Kid will not be muddied with random sketches or otherwise, but will still get a proper addition now and again. The site will be improved over time, too. I’ll make it known when a commission page shows up, and the ever-fabled store.

Gotta spread those wings.

-Alex Hobbs