So you finally know. I pulled a Ned Stark and was the first artist eliminated(beheaded) on Strip Search.

Back when it happened, it did not feel like I had just lost anything. I was simply drawing at my desk, a friend across from me, and the two people who have inspired the very comic you read on this website cracking wise with us both. One would think with so much on the line it would be cut-throat. But no, Mike and Jerry created an atmosphere of levity despite all things. What you see during the show is only a glimpse of this. And truth be told, very deep down, I knew how the die would fall. The sheer disparity of Katie’s skill and my own had been made apparent twice that day. Still, I refused to despair and did what I could. My only regret is that I could not spend one night in the house. Crossing the threshold that morning was a more significant moment than I realized. I did not guess that it would be one of two times, and after the second I would not be returning.

Melodrama aside, if this is what losing feels like I’m doing pretty fucking good. I have had such an outreach of support that I wish I could respond with a more sincere gratitude than ‘thank you’. You guys will make this comic as successful as it ever will be, and I intend to do everything I can to deserve it.

So thank you, and I will see you all Thursday.