I don’t play Facebook games. They have long been filed away as the browser equivalent to shovelware, worthy of distaste, and only just. I’ve tried some out but it’s like, I’ve got my PS3 right there. My needs can be met by re-positioning in front of the TV, or simply booting up Steam. Needless to say, I am not their intended audience. Much in the same way that the Wii hit it home with its strange periphera, these browser games seem to be doing just fine off those who find real enjoyment in what they have to offer.

With my line drawn in the sand, it surprised me to find myself watching my girlfriend play Candy Crush with growing interest. There is an immediate charm to the game in no small part due to its visuals and music. It’s a step above what I’ve come to expect, and I found myself easily listening to the melody loop throughout each level. I would be sitting at my computer and hear the tell-tale fwhooooop from my girlfriend’s laptop that sounds when you start the game, and I would await its hypnotic repetition. The gameplay is a lot like bejeweled which doesn’t hurt a bit either. If I hadn’t watch most of the game already I would have picked it up myself. This shit is even in Psy’s new music video, which has got to mean something. I’m not sure what benchmark you reach as a game company when your title appears in a K-pop song, but you gotta feel proud.

Also, not sure if anybody else knows what I’m talking about, but the announcer for that game seems way out of place. It’s like the Unreal Tournament guy was out of work for a couple years and somehow found his way onto the project. You’ll get execute some sweet combo, to be rewarded with a deep, resonant SWEEEET or DIVINE. Sure, it lacks the brutal execution you’d hear in a UT game, but I half expect a C-C-CANNDYY CRUUUSSSHHH! I think it would be cool, anyway.