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Now we can begin.

Gravity has been tearing it up, review-wise. I find Rotten Tomatoes to be a good social litmus and they were pretty much unanimous. It takes that kind of above-average certainty that my million dollars ticket will not be wasted. Gravity is already about space, though, so it didn’t have to try very hard to convince me. Space is an all-encompassing, awesome realm so far removed from myself it might as well be Middle Earth. Red Dwarfs and black holes carry the same narrative force as dwarf dwarves and black magic. They are just about as real as one other in the day-to-day, but space is very fucking real and it is awesome. In another life, I would have been an astronomer. Or a meteorologist. And in a far-removed life, a space wizard.

So yeah, that’s why I went to see Gravity. They should be required to hand out Xanax with your ticket, because that shit was stressful. Not even, like, in a “thrilling” sense. It was like I paid to have every anxiety-ridden nightmare I ever had about forgetting an important test or pregnancy scare shown to me for an hour and a half. Plus a good dose of sadness. I walked out of that theater fucking exhausted. Growing up, my Mom only ever wanted to go see a comedy, which my brother and I never understood. Now I can see that an adult life is stressful enough already and she didn’t want to get fucking wrecked by one of these damn movies! I feel like this was a special case, though. Its own unique brand of suspense. I haven’t felt this way experiencing a story before and I’d be ok not doing so again for a while.