The last of the Faire stories!

There really are elephants at my local Ren Faire, along with a camel and llama. You can ride any one of these for a small fee, something that I have done. Being up at elephant-height was exciting in a nervous way. Like standing high up on a ladder, the feeling that you could fall at odds with the thrill of this new perspective. Icarus had a similar fascination, so it is probably good that the ride was short. Granted, the point where an elephant would melt under the sun is around the same temperature that I would too. This really isn’t a great comparison.

I use a lot of reference images while I draw. For some reason, when I sit down to do a comic my mind forgets what a bike looks like, or a house, or a sandwich. Let me just say that in the process of this comic, I have seen far more elephant than I ever expected to. Photos of elephants turned to photos of elephants having sex, to videos of elephants having sex, to videos of women shoving themselves into an elephant’s asshole to engage stimulation and harvest its “payload”. This happened all on its own, it’s true! What do I have to gain from lying at this point? I have seen elephant dong and there is no going back.

On a more comforting note, I finally picked up Luigi’s Mansion! I haven’t played it yet, but I’m excited. Anyone close to me knows how much I admire the “second-hand” plumber. Even as a kid, I would take pride in playing Green Mario. I expect most of that was in defiance of getting the less-desirable position. As they developed his character, though, I found him to be more the unsung, bumbling hero than anything else. This archetype is my favorite, I think. The Rock Lee, the Ned Stark, the Luigi; these characters aren’t really suited for the worlds they were placed in, but they stay true to themselves nonetheless. Sure, Lee will never win a fight, Ned kind of lost his head, and Luigi will only star in one game to Mario’s six, but that’s what makes ‘em endearing. They never seem to win the day, but they sure as hell get their moment.

Maybe I should have seen the outcome of StripSearch, considering. Here’s hoping I’m not exactly like my favorite characters.