I remember reading about Animal Crossing back in 2001, and the chords it struck then. Much like Harvest Moon: Back to Nature before it, I resonated with its general lack of dark doings and the heroism that accompanies it. No kings, no adventures, just people. And in this case animal-people. Peoplenimals. Anipeopals? They are a rare allowance in my worldview. Culturally speaking, anthropomorphic characters will forever be tools for the grisly, sexual purpose they are constantly designed. Even Rare gave the heroine of Star Fox Adventures a heaving bosom. This is off-topic, but an important topic none the less. That shit is one step away from bestiality, people. The Furry world is one that I do not understand. My gut tells me to hate them for a perceived deviancy, but the wiser part of me knows it is stupid to dislike something for lack of understanding. I should not care what happens as long as real animals are kept safe. I don’t just mean for the animals’ sake either. You all read what happened to that guy’s butthole, and consequently his life. If you haven’t, you probably aren’t the kind of person who needs this warning in the first place.

So what the fuck was I talking about to begin with? Animal Crossing is an awesome game for those times when you just want to be a regular guy. The everyday simple joys. I find it interesting that the perpetual mayor of your town, Tortimer, has been replaced with the player in the next installment. My mind couldn’t help but introduce some of those darker notes I spoke of earlier. I can’t help it if I love flipping the tone on its head.

There is so much happening in my life right now it is hard to stay the course. Last weekend was dominated by my brother’s graduation, the days before had me finishing my first commission (yeeaaah), Phoenix Comicon is but a day away and with it my first panel with Tavis Maiden. It is on Sunday from 3:00 to 4:00pm, in room 125A if you’d like to attend! I am constantly thankful that my first experience comes with Maiden’s fatherly comfort and wisdom. Looming over all this is the impending move, for which I still need to locate a house and job. I’ll be damned before the pressure forces a missed update, but the quality might vary for the next few weeks. Hell, I can always use a lesson in drawing faster anyway. Baptism by fire, my most favorite element.